Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Zoyas are here, the Zoyas are here!

I feel like I have aged 10 years in nail polish years since I chose my Zoya exchange polishes sometime in May. Apparently I was in a pink way...

Left to right they are: Sachi, Moxie, Vivi, Dita, Caprice, Marcella. Kate, Piper, Sweet
Yummy, Jo, Kotori, Malia, Heather, Gretchen, Pasha, Christina, Snowsicle, Harley, and Freja

I'll admit that I chose a few of them because of the names! Sachi is my dear kitty who passed away last year at the age of 19.

Moxie was my sweet little frenchie who passed away a couple of years ago:

And Kate is the name I go by IRL, and I think it's also my favorite of the bunch.

Index to Pinky: Marcella. Kate, Piper, Sweet

Thumb to Pinky: Sachi, Moxie, Vivi, Dita, Caprice

This is what I sent in to exchange:

Most of these had to be at least 10 years old, so I am glad to be rid of the old chemical filled polishes an have a whole bunch of new ones to play with!


  1. Your pets were really cute :)
    Love these new colors you got! :)

  2. So sorry for the lost of your loving pets. Nice to get nail polish with their names. I like all the colors you got. Lots of pinks.