Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1st Swatchfest - Greens

Just so you don't think the Nubars got no love, now that the Zoyas are finally here...I spent the last 4 hours of my life swatching madly away. Totally worth it.

RECLAIM IS AMAZING! I knew it would be, but WOW!

Quick, sloppy swatches of Nubar Greener, Wildlife, and Reclaim

Pinky: OCC Blackboard

(this is the sum total of the greens in my nail polish collection, sad isn't it?)

Holy heck, just how gorgeous is Reclaim!? It is a stunner! Goes on like a dream too! Dries quick, I can't say enough good stuff about it!

Here I added China Glaze 2Nite to my thumb, just to compare the two holos. They are both awesome!

I was afraid Greener would be too "Christmassy" but it's really not. It's a beautiful deep, green shimmer. Wildlife is just amazing. I couldn't capture all the cool effects and colors. I'm really psyched to wear all my new Nubars! I've got more swatches to share, but I am getting tired, so tomorrow!!

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  1. Thanks for all your swatching. They are beautiful aren't they? I wore Wildlife the other day. It was so gorgeous!! You need to get more greens in your life girl.