Thursday, July 2, 2009

I love Blues!!!

Above we have Thumb to Pinky: Zoya Yummy, Zoya Jo, Zoya Kototi, Ring finger is Sinful "What's Your Name" because with the first coat of Kotori I thought they were very similar, but as you can see after three coats, side by side, they are quite different, pinky is Kotori layered over Yummy.

Below we have from Thumb to Pinky: Nubar Peacock Feathers CC Naughtycal Navy, Lippman Devil in a BLue Dress, SH In the Navy Sinful Midnight Blue

Index finger is Color Club Naughtycal Navy, Middle finger is Lippman Collection "Devil in a Blue Dress" They are wicked close!

Thumb to Pinky: Milani Antique, Essie Sag Harbor, Essie St. Barth's Blue, SH Gunmetal, Zoya Jo

Of course the day after I swatched these I got Orly's Bombay Saphire in the mail! Now I have to compare it to Naughtycal Navy and Devil in a Blue Dress!!

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