Sunday, July 5, 2009

I love Purple!

Left to right: Essie "Huckle Buckle" SH "Purple Potion" NYC "China Town" Nubar "Moon Shadow" and Sinful Colors "Daddy's Girl"

Colors go thumb to pinky. Pinky is "Daddy's Girl" on tip with "Hucklebuckle" as a base.

Purple potion (index) is really neat. It's a little on the lavender side and it has these awesome blue-toned sparkles when you look at it in the light. I found it for 50% off at CVS, so I don't know if it is being discontinued. "Moon Shadow" (ring finger) is of course a real stunner, look how it goes to golden-ish to plummy-so pretty!!!

"Moon Shadow" totally reminds me of the color of this velvet shirt I had in highschool. It used to be my "first date" shirt. I loved that shirt!

"Huckle Buckle" is so pretty! I saw it on a MUA-er and really wanted it, but couldn't find it online anywhere. I ended up paying full price for it! :( Then today, I noticed that Transdesign has it for like $3.60. Boo!

You don't think that is all the purples I have do you????

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