Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Orly - Country Club Khaki

I ordered an obscene amount of polishes from Transdesign about two weeks ago when I started to hear that all the etailers were jacking up the price of Essie. I had been planning a TD order anyway, but figured I should go ahead and grab the Essies while I could. I also wanted to get some more discontinued CND polishes before they were all gone. While I was at it, I tossed in a bunch of Misa polishes I wanted to try since I can't find them here, and a whole bunch of other ones. The last two I threw in were Country Club Khaki and the periwinkle one...Cashmere Cardigan? I wasn't going to get them from TD because I found them easily at Sally's, but they are so much cheaper on TD, no tax, etc. Boy am I glad I did!
Looking for a work appropriate polish I came up with two pink Essie's and this one. I let my husband pick from those three, and to my surprise he chose Khaki. Who knew he was so chic and sophisticated!?
Anyway, I loved this. The color is just really pretty. It came out very shiny. I wasn't crazy about the longish-skinny brush Orly seems to be using now, but otherwise, thumbs up. Except I think I am falling out of love with my Seche Vite. It seemed to drag and mess this up in a lot of places. Boo. I have a coupon for $5 off at Sally's so I think I am finally going to give Poshe a try.


  1. Nice! I have have this polish,and love it!

  2. This is one of the two taupe colors I want to pick up from Orly, and the swatches I've seen do not disappoint.
    I'm way out of love with Seche Vite. I got halfway through my bottle and it's clumping on me horribly! I'm going back to my beloved Sally Hansen, cheaper and lasts longer.

  3. I love Country Club Khaki and your husband has incredible taste! Looks really pretty on you. When I get on those polish web sites I go crazy. I tough to stop ordering. The Seche Vite thickens up fast and will only thin out with their thinner. Poshe gets thick also but it took longer than the Seche. I also have the thinner for Poshe.

  4. Yes! My Seche was awesome until about half way through when it got gloppy! I bought the thinner yesterday. I added 2 drops and it looked like little chunks floating around, and still spread weird. Don't know if I should give up or try again!

  5. I never use a couple of drops like they suggest. I believe I used a load of drops twice to get this thin. Please try again. I don't know why you can't use any thinner to thin out the Seche.