Thursday, July 16, 2009

Entity - Blue

Above is what the color swatch on transdesign looks like. The actual polish is below. Not quite what I expected, but pretty darn gorgeous, none the less.

It's almost opaque in one coat. This is two coats to be safe. Entity polishes are Big 3 Free. I didn't realize this and used Seche Vite over it, and it hasn't caused any problems so far. In fact this polish is wearing the best of any that I have worn in awhile.

There's a lot of depth and shimmer.

It's a true deep, dark, blue. Doesn't appear black even in low light.

This is the first polish I have tried by Entity and I have to say it's Good stuff! I would definitely pick up some more of these. They have some other colors in their Metallic Enamel Collection that sound intriguing, like Brown Plum, Burgundy, and Dark Cinnamon. They also have a Pearl Enamel Collection with some interesting brights like Violet and Turquoise.


  1. That's beautiful on you! Thanks for sharing, I've been wondering about this brand.

  2. I forgot about this brand. Thanks for swatching it. I don't even know if I've seen it on any other blogs. I'll have to remember the name. That's a gorgeous shade on you. Your nails are really pretty. I'll have to look out for this brand whenever I place an order.

  3. I'm increasingly becoming obsessed with blue nails.

    This looks great!

    Love your blog.


  4. I have been meaning to say hello for ages! I've just had a relly good read of your blog and I think we have very similar polish tastes! I'm a follower now :)