Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two Glitters Side by Side

 I thought these were kind of alike, until I put them side by side. Nothing similar going on here!
Both of these are over Wet-n-Wild I need a Refreshmint.
Pointer and Pinky - Spoiled: Pet My Peacock
Middle and Ring - Kleancolor: Afternoon Picnic
Two coats of each.

 Peacock is actually pretty dense. It's different colored hex and round glitters suspended in a clear polish.

 Afternoon Picnic is a whole bunch of different shaped and colored glitter pieces suspended in a clear-tealish color polish. It looks like a party in a bottle! It's definitely more green and blue oriented with some silver.
Spoiled is a lot of green, blue, gold, solver and even some lavendar glitter.

Verdict: Nothing alike!
If I had to get rid of one: If I HAD to, it wold be the Spoiled, but I wouldn't be happy about it.

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