Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wedding Fingers

My husband and I went to the wedding of two of our friends. My dress was actually this color:

Not being a fan of matching nails to dress (this is Diamond Cosmetics "Drift Away" by the way) I thought I would add a little "pop".

Weeeeeeeeeeeee! China Glaze "OMG" with sprinkle of Cover Girl "City Lights" on the tips!

I really loved how this came out. Especially since I am usually so sloppy!
Then today, my Nfu-Oh polishes arrived! WOW! What lightening fast shipping and great customer service they have!!

I added #40 flakies to my blingy mani:


1 comment:

  1. Your nails turned out gorgeous. I love the color. You should post a picture of yourself. Since I was tagged I think I will do the photo tag of you! I don't remember all the rules so you;ll have to look for them. I bet your nails were talked about at the wedding.