Sunday, August 9, 2009

More fun stuff...

Sally Hansen, Extreme Wear in "Purple Potion". I loved this shade of purple and it has these blue glimmery, shimmery particles in it that I was able to capture a little bit. I have seen these at CVS for 50% off, which is like $1.25. Great polish for the price!

Nubar "Greener". Sorry it's so sloppy, but it seems to be the only picture I took of it. I didn't love wearing this one as much as I thought I would! So sad. It also chipped and came off pretty quick. Boo!

China Glaze "DV8". I wanted this for quite awhile and then when I finally wore it, I felt kind of "blah" about it. It's pretty for sure. It also didn't chip like LOL did on me. It wore really, really well.

MMMMMMMMMM....Gussied up in Green. This was HOT. I love the name, I love the shade of green, I loved the wear of this. Everything about it was just AWESOME. Plus, I got tons of compliments on it.


  1. I love all of those shades. DV8 is so pretty with all that beautiful holo loveliness. Maybe you should wear it again and you'll feel better about it. I love the whole Green collection by Nubar. Gussied up in Green is an amazing color. That does look hot on you.