Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Diamond Cosmetics Haul

This is Plum Pie in the Sky
I couldn't capture the color right, but it was gorgeous!

Diamond has great little bottles, a perfect brush and their polishes are only $2.00!

I probably bought way too many! But, I think the whole order was like $48! That's the price of 2.6 Rescue Beaut Lounge polishes!

Customer service is also great. Shipping was a wee bit on the slow side, but communication from the company was good, so it's okay! Diamond polishes can be found here:


  1. wowza! holy haul, i'm so jealous :D

  2. Quite the haul there!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Plum Pie In The Sky! I think this color is just too awesome.

  3. Whoa! Nice haul you've got there. I have a few of these Diamond polishes. And they're awesome for $2 bucks! Happy Polishing!

  4. Nice load of polishes you bought. I hope to see them all swatched soon! Plum Pie in the Sky looks gorgeous on you. You can do major damage at Diamond Cosmetics. It doesn't cost a fortune. They have such lovely colors.

  5. Thanks for this post! I love DC & I thought Venom & Darkest Desire were blacks - but they're not! Now they are on my list! Have you tried their super dry topcoat? I think it's great!