Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Seriously Slacking

I know I've been slacking lately. I've still been taking photos, just been too lazy to put them up.
But, here's what I've been up to:

Orly, Cashmere Cardigan
Loved this! Very shiny. Pretty lavender/periwinkle type color.
It chipped a little quicker than I would have liked, but I still loved it.

This was Misa "On the Edge" with LA Girl Flare Platninum Record over it. It was a lot prettier in person than I could capture on film. I promise. It also wore insanely well AND was a breeze to remove. Pretty crazy!

Before the glitter. Really cool blue color. Unfortunately, I only got an indoor shot.

And then there was China Glaze - Wagon Trail. A really gorgeous deep-olive greenish color. Unfortunately, I broke/chipped one of my nails down really low while wearing this and had to chop them all down. Boo.


  1. I just got Wagon Trail in the mail today! It's gorgeous, I've been wanting it forever. Now I want to get Gussied Up Green as well.
    I love the Misa combined with the LA Girls! It's a gorgeous mani. It's so great you got that glitter off easy!

  2. Oh, I love the Wagon Trail! I have it in my untrieds box and have been waiting for the right mood to strike to try it -- I feel the mood coming on. :)

  3. Beautiful! We all get busy from time to time. No biggy. We're all still here. Glad to see you on-line. Great pics and all so pretty!

  4. Such beautiful polishes. Sorry you had to chop your nails down. We've all been there. So glad you posted again.

  5. Thanks everyone! Wagon Trail was great. Maybe my standards are changing, but I felt it was "professional" enough for work. :)