Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nails Inc. I am disappointed in you!

 I LOVE Nails Inc. Magnetic polishes. I think they are one of the BEST magnetic polishes on the market. The colors are unique and the formula is smooth like buttah. The magnet choices however are rather limited, so how excited was I to see this nifty new fishnet magnet??
 The reviews on Sephora were not good. A lot of people said the magnet is not strong enough to make a nice, crisp design. Glutton for punishment, I decided to try it anyway. I took a trip to the Sephora in our local mall and picked out this gorgeous green - "Spitalfields".
 The color is great. The application is great. The magnet stinks. As you can see it only goes up a small portion of the nail. What's that on my ring finger you ask? That is the star magnet from a cheap-o $5 drugstor magnetic polish that I have not worn yet. I wanted to see if the problem was the magnet or the polish so I tried a different magnet. As you can see the polish works great, the magnet is the problem.
Maybe the fishnet pattern is too small to work properly? Whatever the reason, I'm a little heartbroken. Spitalfields is still a pretty fantastic color and I do have lots of other magnets I can use with it, but still - how cool would that fishnet magnet be if it worked??

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  1. Aww I wanted to try the fishnet magnet but this looks disappointing :( I have two with the wavey magnet that work very well but I'll pass on this one