Thursday, July 5, 2012

I really like black polish with glittery stuff.

From left to right:
$OPI - "Never Enough Shoes" (good god, this is one of my favorite polishes ever!)
Revlon - "Dark Pleasures - Talk Dirty"
Kleancolor - "Golden Nightmare" (love that name!)
Color Club - "With Abandon"
 Gold Nightmare (Ring Finger) is a bit chunky on the nail. I assume some top coat would even that out a little bit better.
 I wasn't super impressed with Color Club's With Abandon when I put it up against all the others.
 I found this Revlon (Middle finger) at the dollar store last year and haven't worn it yet. I'm definitely going to soon - it's hot!
 Never Enough Shoes (Index Finger) has been in my "Top 20 favorite polishes" since it came out. It's freakin amazing!
VERDICT: No dupes here!
If I had to get rid of one: I'd say goodbye to With Abandon.

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