Monday, June 8, 2009

As awesome as everyone says...OPI - My Private Jet

OPI - My Private Jet

Having decided the holographic goodness was something I now LOVE, I wanted something a little darker. I saw OPI - My Private Jet on I think Makeupalley's Nailboard Top 20 and I had to have it. Ordering it and waiting around for it to show up, was not going to suffice. I had to have it, so I made a trip to the mall. I hate the mall. Especially on a Saturday night. But a quick run into Trade Secret made me a happy girl. I not only found My Private Jet, but also some discounted Essie and DS OPI. Essie's St. Barth's Blue is now my first Essie and I picked up two Designer Series in Passion (by mistake so one went up for swap) and one in Chiffon which had been on my "had to have" list. I also found Color Club Revvvolution, but that is another story.

My Private Jet, is so pretty. It's glittery, but subtle enough that I wore it to work. My husband called it very classy and pretty, which was sweet, since he doesn't pay a lot of attention to nail polish. It goes on sheer at first, I think I used 3 coats and added another coat the next day. This is definitely love.


  1. Hi Willa,
    Love your blog!
    The white background is nice and bright!=]

    Just FYI-
    it looks as though you found the not-as-holo version of MPJ. That one has a blue flash that is stronger than the holo effect.

    The holo version has no blue flash and a more-pronounced holographic shimmer, comparable to the DS polish you have pictured above.

    HTH! =]

  2. Oh man, I love this one the way it is, I can't imagine how awesome the holo version must be!

    Thanks for the compliment wix, your blog is definitely one of my favorites!!