Monday, October 10, 2011

Things I Love

I've decided I have so many polishes now, that I am going to (try) to only get unique polishes in colors/finishes I really love and don't already have. Holo polishes were on that list. Every time I wear them, they make me so happy, I must have more! Glitter Gal, really interested me, so I finally ordered some. This is Black 3D Holo. Isn't it pretty? That's my hand on my dog's back if you were wondering...

Look how pretty and sparkly!

My only complaint would be how tiny the bottles are! Otherwise, these are perfect. The formula is so smooth and applies really well. The price is steep, but worth it if you really love holos in unique shades. I ordered mine from here and the service was fantastic! I ordered them on a Tuesday and had them in my hot little hands on Friday! Customer service is also very quick to respond. I ordered two other ones that I'll have to post soon, I'm just loving this one too much to take it off right now!


  1. it's a gorgeous black holo! and I love the picture with you dog ;D

  2. Thanks Mate for the review, yeah - try a purple holo over the top, it looks like velvet - The Glitter Gals Australia - Kerry and Anna xoxox