Sunday, October 30, 2011

Personal Microdermabrasion - PMD

Hello there! Today I'm going to mix things up a little! Instead of nail polish, I have a nifty skin care gadget to share with you!

Since I’m starting to get a bit irritated with the wrinkles and uneven appearance of my skin, I jumped at the chance to try the Professional Microdermabrastion system. It’s a kit you can use at home.  This system claims that you will have the benefit of a spa-like treatment in the comfort of your own home. It is supposed to leave your skin refreshed and younger looking.

Yeah, I was skeptical too.

Definitely watch the video that comes in the kit. The instructions stress not to run the tool over the same part of the skin more than once or let it sit for too long on the same area. I tried a sample run on the back of my hand just to see what it felt like before sticking this thing on my face. It applies gentle suction and a light sandpaper feel across the skin. It was not unpleasant on my hand.

Ready to try it on my face, I switched to the facial cap and the light blue disks which are supposed to be for sensitive skin, since the older I get the more sensitive my skin seems to be. For God’s sake, avoid your eye area with this thing!

Forehead before.
Forhead after.

It’s simple enough to use, but it’s very abrasive. You can see it working, because it leaves white flaky dust all over (dead skin cells) which is kind of neat. I tried very hard to go lightly and follow the video instructions, yet I was left with some painful red irritated spots on my face. I had to send my husband out to purchase Cortizone 10 ointment for the irritated spots. They took 2-3 days to clear up completely.


After - nice and blotchy!

After all trauma, I didn’t think my skin looked significantly better. The spots that didn’t get inflamed did look moderately smoother and brighter. But, I am not sure it was worth the pain and hassle.
After. These spots hurt the worst!

Verdict? Save your $180.00, use sunscreen religiously, moisturize and exfoliate with apricot scrub. Red, itchy inflamed track marks all over your face are not sexy. Definitely do not try this for the first time right before going to a holiday party!

*This was sent to me for review.

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  1. This is the first negative review that I have read. My friend just got this personal microdermabrasion kit and she swears by it. I am sorry that you had to spend all that money and it didn't work for you.