Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankgiving Week manicures!

This was my favorite of the week. I don't think I have ever loved a metallic (or Khrome as China Glaze calls it) this much!
I have to say though, it chipped like a bitch. Thankfully it was quick to dry and only needed one - two coats to look decent so I didn't mind some minor repairs. I wore this to our second Thanksgiving dinner on Black Friday. Don't ask.

Armour, "Central Park Autumn" made it to the main event. I hosted Thanksgiving at my house for the very first time and I have to tell you this held up amazingly well! Nit a nip or chip. Just a little bit of tip wear at the end of the night.

MMMM...Dark Cinnamon. I wore this in the beginning of Thanksgiving week.


Golden Wine looks great here, but I wasn't really a fan.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgivng!

Today, I have some more "lost" files. These were taken over the summer, but I don't think I ever posted them. OPI - "Barefoot in Barcelona" my favorite nude EVER! This made my top 20. I love it!

This was Essie "Greenport" with Nfu-Oh "40" on the tips. I wasn't crazy about it for some reason, but now I think in the pictures it looks kinda neat.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with good food and good company. I am hosting my first Thanksgiving, and I'm a little nervouse about how things will turn out! My sister-in-law traditionally hosts Thanksgiving and she has set a very high standard!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A trip to Ulta

I went in search of the Ulta Exclusives. Visons of Sugarplum. I wasn't sure if I realllly needed another purple, but once I got there, it's so pretty! I also got Dazzled by Gold from the Ulta Exclusive OPI's. Dreaming of Red was there and was also pretty, but I wanted Sapphire in the Snow from the Holiday OPI's. Plus the holiday displays were picked over! I got the last bottle of Sapphire in the Snow. OPI was on sale buy 2 get 1.

Visions of Sugarplum (inisde with flash)

VoS (outside)

Dazzled by Gold!

Ring finger has one coat of Misa Dirty Sexy Money with Dazzled over it.
DbG reminded me a lot of Wet n Wild Craze "Shield" because it has very fine glittery copper and silvery bits. But it's a much deeper, richer gold than shield. It's really gorgeous. Perfect for the Holidays!
There are no pictures of SitS because I can't get the bottle open! I guess there is a reason it was the last one there! I left it on my husband's end table, but so far he hasn't taken the hint.

Contests! Yay!

One of my favorite nail blog, Painted Tips is having a giveaway to celebrate 100 followers!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

One of my Top 20, I have never posted!

Top 20 day!

These aren't in a particular order, that would make my head explose! But this is the polishes listed left to right. Don't know why the picture came out so tiny!

1. China Glaze – Thunderbird
2. OPI – Manicurist of Seville
3.. $OPI – Never Enough Shoes
4. OPI – Barefoot in Barcelona
5. Color Club – Revvvolution
6. Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics – Dangerous
7. OPI – My Private Jet
8. OPI – Merry Midnight
9. Cover Girl –Boundless Color – City Lights
10. Barielle – Slate of Affairs
11. Hard Candy – Mr. Right
12. Nfu-Oh 52
13. New York Summer - #34 – Poppies
14. Entity – Blue
15. Diamond Cosmetics – Drift Away
16. Nubar – Moonshadow
17. China Glaze – 2Nite
18. LA Girl - Rockstar – Punk
19. Essie – Chinchilly
20. Sally Hansen – Pat on the Black

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Passion vs. Plum

Not Your Hum-Drum Plum is on middle and thumb, Midnight Passion on the rest of my fingers.
Midnight Passion is more metallic purple, while hum drum is all creamy goodness.

Hum-Drum Plum (I love saying that for some reason) is FREAKIN' GORGEOUS! It's such a deep, creamy, loud, perfect blue-purple, that's bright but not too bright. I love it! I wish my camera had captured the rich color a little better. So awesome. Diamond makes some kick-butt polishes for $2.00 polish!

Diamond - Midnight Passion

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Lost Archives!

OPI - Merry Midnight. I got this and the mini 4-pack from

I didn't do the polish justice though. It probably should have had a third coat.

And I used OPI's quick dry top coat over it, which really sucked. It went on kinda dry and sticky.

But even with those issues, this polish is TO DIE FOR! I absolutely love it. It's in my "already worn but must wear again soon" basket which sits on top of my untrieds box. Yes, I'm a little nutty!!

OPI Shim-Merry Chic. This was one of the mini bottles. I loved this too. It's fascinating!

Plus I felt it was nuetral enough to wear to work. Hehe.

This monstrosity was taken before I broke my nails. :( This was Wet-n-Wild Craze "Lust" with Cover Girl "City Lights" on the tips.

A little over the top, but I think I wore this somewhere at the end of August? So, it felt very summery and pretty. I did not wear this one to work.

Here is lust all by itself.

AND again with City Lights.

I love the blueish flash Lust has. I was looking for a fuschia JUST like this! For my toes though, I don't usually wear colors this bright on my fingers!

Zoya "Pasha". I wore this to kick off a week-long trial. So, I got out all my boring nuetrals for the week and lined them up. Pasha went first. I shouldn't call this boring. It was actually quite nice. Wore well too.

MMMMMMMMManicurist of Seville. This TOTALLY STOLE MY HEART. I have never liked a red nail polish before, but this was true LOVE! It is the perfect crimson with a touch of pink red to it. I wish I had taken better pictures of it. This does not do it justice at all. I wore this for about a week and never got tired of it. I also worked as an extra on a film set in the 1930's and the makeup artist and wardrobe lady both complimented me on what an awesome color it was! This is also in my basket "to be worn again soon". It's going on my top 20 list as well!

Here is a shot of Heirloom Organza next to my coffee. Hehe. I was being silly. Loved this polish. I felt quite sophisticated with it for some reason.

China Glaze "Thunderbird". Another AWESOME RED that I did not get a worthy picture of. This is more shimmery and orange-toned red, but gosh is it pretty! My husband and I used to go to a lot of antique car shows and this definitely reminds me of the paint jobs on some of my favorites.

Monday, November 9, 2009

What I've been wearing lately...

Metallic Illusions - "Heavenly Body" I am planning to post all the pictures I have on this later, but this was a fascinating polish to wear! I applied smooth and easy and wore really well.
Ignore the mess I mde on my thumb...Mystical Knights is one of those lovely Diamond Cosmetics polishes.

This is such a gorgeous, deep-steely blue. It's not navy, it's not grey, and it doesn't appear black in low light.

It's got a really silvery, pretty shimmer to it. It also wore very well and didn't leave me with smurf fingers when I took it off.

Essie "Damsel in a Dress" I have a hard time getting excited about Essie polishes. This was pretty, it wore well, it also has a sort of silver shimmer to it, bit it's a pretty standard plummy-burgandy color.

China Glaze "Short and Sassy" from the Retro collection. I loved this color, but then I forgot I had even worn it, until I found these photos on my camera. It's beautiful, but I guess it wasn't very exciting.

Essie "Mink Muffs". This is kind of neat. The formula was fantastic. The wear was very durable. I love the color, but it's also been done a few times by now.

No name Rusty, shimmery color by Goldie. I liked this. This is the first Goldie polish I have worn. The finish was really pretty and shimmery. I got a lot of compliments on this. It only held my attention for one day, so I can't speak to the durability of it.