Sunday, November 8, 2009

Comparison Swatches!

Here we have 4 lovely shades of blue-green gorgeousness! Sinful "See You Soon" WnW Craze "Morbid" Barielle Shades "Blackened Blue" and Sinful "What's Your Name".
Similar...yes, but you can see they are all very different. Morbid seems to have more green. "See You Soon" and "Blackened Blue" are the closest, but the Barielle has way more shimmer to it, (even though it's hard to tell from my unholy slopped on mess -sorry!) "What's Your Name" is very thin and watery. This is probably 3 coats.

Then for fun, I added some flakies, cause let's admit it, flakies make everything prettier!

All of them in the sun.


  1. Great comparison! The flakies at the end are so pretty!

  2. I have "What's Your Name"!!! Love that shade. I also have Sinful's electric blue...forget what it's called.

    How are you doing, Willa?

  3. Could it be "Midnight Blue" and I am great!! How are you!?

  4. Those flakies are certainly pretty.