Thursday, November 19, 2009

Passion vs. Plum

Not Your Hum-Drum Plum is on middle and thumb, Midnight Passion on the rest of my fingers.
Midnight Passion is more metallic purple, while hum drum is all creamy goodness.

Hum-Drum Plum (I love saying that for some reason) is FREAKIN' GORGEOUS! It's such a deep, creamy, loud, perfect blue-purple, that's bright but not too bright. I love it! I wish my camera had captured the rich color a little better. So awesome. Diamond makes some kick-butt polishes for $2.00 polish!


  1. I love hum drum plum. Thanks for the comp!

  2. Diamond does have some amazing polishes. That is a gorgeous shade of plum on you. Have a nice weekend.