Monday, November 9, 2009

What I've been wearing lately...

Metallic Illusions - "Heavenly Body" I am planning to post all the pictures I have on this later, but this was a fascinating polish to wear! I applied smooth and easy and wore really well.
Ignore the mess I mde on my thumb...Mystical Knights is one of those lovely Diamond Cosmetics polishes.

This is such a gorgeous, deep-steely blue. It's not navy, it's not grey, and it doesn't appear black in low light.

It's got a really silvery, pretty shimmer to it. It also wore very well and didn't leave me with smurf fingers when I took it off.

Essie "Damsel in a Dress" I have a hard time getting excited about Essie polishes. This was pretty, it wore well, it also has a sort of silver shimmer to it, bit it's a pretty standard plummy-burgandy color.

China Glaze "Short and Sassy" from the Retro collection. I loved this color, but then I forgot I had even worn it, until I found these photos on my camera. It's beautiful, but I guess it wasn't very exciting.

Essie "Mink Muffs". This is kind of neat. The formula was fantastic. The wear was very durable. I love the color, but it's also been done a few times by now.

No name Rusty, shimmery color by Goldie. I liked this. This is the first Goldie polish I have worn. The finish was really pretty and shimmery. I got a lot of compliments on this. It only held my attention for one day, so I can't speak to the durability of it.


  1. Gorgeous polishes. I've never heard of Goldie polish. It is very pretty. I have Mink Muffs on my list to buy. Love that shade. Short & Sassy looks really lovely on you. Will be a nice holiday color.

  2. Thanks!
    Lucy, I found Goldie at Marshall's. It came in a set of 3. The other colros were a shimmery nude and a deep shimmery mauve type color. I have heard that Goldie used to be made for Bath and Body Works? Now it's mostly found at TJ Maxx or Marshall's as far as I know.