Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ruby Wing - Moonstone

 How cute is this? I first saw these at a new store in my area called XSRE (it took me awhile to figure that out,cause I'm slow like that.) The first time i saw them, they were like $12. Which for a baby blue polish that may or may not turn purple, I felt was a little steep. I did pick up a pretty sweet NYX polish that day, but I digress.
 The next time I went in these were 50% off. Now, that's more like it! So Moonstone got to come home with me. And, look at that, it actually does change color! It was cold, cold, cold out. I own like a million pairs of gloves but never have a pair with me, so i was outside, and looked at my hands and whoa! My nails were sorta purple!
This applies kind of streaky and chalky. Since I picked it up I've started seeing Ruby Wing polishes in other locations. None of the colors/transitions are exciting enough for me to pick up another bottle, but I'm glad I got this one. It's fun and a little different.

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