Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day with Sinful GREEN OCEAN!

 Hehee! I walked into a Walgreens (or was it Rite Aid) a few weeks ago to prowl the nail polish displays. Down on a bottom shelf, tucked into the corner I spotted this tiny Sinful display full of bright green goodness. I'm a sucker for green, especially eye-popping green like Irish green...but then I noticed the flakey. Green Ocean...wait a second, haven't I been looking for this for like two years? And then I gave up? I didn't even care that they weren't on sale, I just snapped them up, and an extra bottle of Green Ocean..just because!

Let me tell you Irish Green is awesome, but man is it a pain in the ass to apply. It's SO thin and watery. I guess it's jelly finish? I dunno, but I had to do this twice because the first attempt was such a mess. Green Ocean was a pain in the butt too, it's super-thick, which did not go well when it too Irish Green forever and a day to dry. BUT, the end reselt was super-pretty! I got tons of compliments, it made me smile every time I looked at my nails and that's really all that matters, right?


  1. Green Ocean is pretty! Maybe I should brave my local Walgreens.

  2. Yeah I JUST realized this post was from a month ago. haha, they probably won't have that color anymore.

  3. I'm sorry! I only saw this at one of the Walgreens in my area (and I stalk them all pretty regularly - haha!) and the display was gone quickly never to be replaced. I truly got lucky!