Sunday, October 17, 2010

Concrete next to Mystic Lilac

Here is Concrete, sitting on some actual concrete.
It's definitely got a lavender/grey thing going on. Very pretty. I could have sworn SH already had this color out and it was more putty colored, but it's included in the LE display in stores now and it looks like this. I found them at Rite Aid BOGO free.

This is concrete and mystic lilac side by side. Mystic lilac has a really pretty teal-green shimmer to it and it a slightly less grey lavender, if that makes sense.

Mystic Lavender

This is very sheer. It took maybe 4-5 coats to be opaque.

I wanted to love it, but once I had it on and wore it for a day or so, I didn't really like how it looked with my skin tone, and I almost never say that about any color. It's still a really interesting addition to my colection though.


  1. SH has/had _Wet_ Concrete in the same line. To my eye, Wet Concrete is more true gray, no mauve undertones.

  2. Im a little sad. I feel as though i have a kind of similar skin tone and I really want mystic lilac. I do like concrete on you though!

  3. Ahh.."Wet Concrete"! That solves the mystery for me, thanks!

  4. yea i didnt like mystic lilac agaisnt my skin tone either. and same like you, i dont usually say that. ...i dunno... dead hands? does something strange