Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little Treasures from Rite Aid

I stopped into Rite Aid one day looking for Sally Hansen "Hidden Treasure". I didn't find it, but I did find these little beauties. I just loved the new cute little bottles Petites is using for their "Color Fever" line. It's supposed to be a more richly pigmented polish. I spotted a few that looked like holos. I have also wanted to try CQ for awhile(the appear to be made by the same manufacturer as petites) so I grabbed that green beauty because it didn't look like anything else I owned, and it also seemed to have a little holo something going on.
I'll show you Creme Blue first. It's just what the name says, a pretty, almost robin's egg cream blue. I wee streaky on the first coat. This is two coats . It's a light blue, but still pretty rich.

Fairy pink, really does look like pale pink fairy dust on the nail. It's so pretty and there is just the slightest hint of some holo shimmer going on.

Daylight gem. I was expecting a little more holo, but this was still amazing. I usually don't like green on my hands, but I loooooved this polish! I think I wore it for 4 days straight. The durability of it was pretty amazing to.

The real stunner though...are you ready for it?

POW! Black Diamond.

There are lots of holo shimmer particals floating around here! And it's a nice deep, dark black base. This is two coats.

I loved it so much I got some other colors out to compare.

Petites Color Fever "Black Diamond" vs. OPI "My Private Jet" vs. Color Club "Revvvolution: and China Glaze "Let's Do it in 3D"

My MPJ is the stinky "not very holo brown" version.

Nothing compares to the China Glaze Kaliedascope. But *I* think that in Black Diamond vs. Revvolution, Black Diamond comes out a winner! It's a darker black, which I really like.

Outside light
These were $2.99 each at Rite Aid, and when I got them they were BOGO 50% off, so that was nice. I'm really happy with all of them. The brushes on the petites are a little skinny for my taste, but the formula is so good, it didn't matter.


  1. Great post! Those are super cute! Your nails are growing out nicely.

  2. Great post! I have the holo version of MPJ and I think Black Diamond is a nice representation of it, It definitely is the same deep black color, Black Diamond is the winner over Revv :)

  3. That Fairy Pink is pretty--I might have to get that one. (Already have the other two Petites.)

  4. I wish I had Rite Aids in my neck of the woods. Black Diamond is amazingly beautiful :)