Monday, May 10, 2010

Deadbeat Blogger...

Sorry I have been so...absent lately! I really needed to start saving money and staying away from the nail blogs and board at Makeupalley helps a lot! I haven't stopped wearing nail polish, photographing it or gotten through all my untrieds yet, so here is a sample of what I have been up to:

I loved this! It looked pretty mellow in the bottle, but on the nail it was a party!
It dried a little rough to the touch, even with top coat, but not so much that I couldn't stand it.

Look at that shine! I love Diamond! Such great polishes, pretty colors and a cheap price!

Sorry this one is so dark, I've been using a new camera and can't quite figure out all the settings. This is "Get Mauve-Ing". I like Barielle colors a lot. They seem to thicken up over time though. I also used Barielle's "speedy" topcoat on this one (picked it up at Marshall's for $2) and I have to tell you, it sucks. It took forever to dry and look at all the scratches I had in my polish after a day of wear.

This is the other reason I haven't been blogging as much. I broke my middle finger nail down so low. Just when I was really happy with how long my nails were and the shape. There was no salvaging it. I was reduced to this for awhile:

Look at that middle nail! So sad and crooked! Look at Grape Pop though - so yummy!

Woooo! What a hot purple!

Notice I couldn't bear to chop the rest of my nails as short! Everything was a crooked, mismatched sad affair. Things are looking up again after a few weeks of biotin and some prenatal vitamins (boy did that give my husband a scare! "they're for my nails and hair honey, I swear!" hahaha!!) I'll post a recent picture of where I am at soon, I swear I won't go away for so long again!
I think I have a bunch of pictures on my older camera, so I'll have to hook those up to the computer and post them too.


  1. I love those and am glad you are keeping busy ;)

  2. Beautiful colors. I have Party Hearty,and I just love the! Glad to see you back.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. :) Glad you posted your pretties. I was just thinking yesterday that I "SHOULD" stay away from MUA and nail blogs. I'm way out of hand with buying.

  4. Wow, that DC polish looks so awesome on you! Now I want it!