Sunday, February 21, 2010


How happy was I when these beauties showed up on my doorstep? I have been dying to try them since I saw the very first promo ads! Especially Lollipop. They are such lovely feminine pastels. Makes me think of Easter eggs and baby chicks! Each come with a free little lip gloss too! My other favorite beauty item - lip gloss, yum!

Lemonade has the honor of being the very first yellow in my collection. I never thought I would try a yellow polish, but I really like this! I couldn't get over the perfect formula. Not too thick or thin and very opaque for such a light color. This is the perfect pastel yellow crème and it really makes me wish summer was here!

Lollipop is soooo much prettier in person! My camera had a hard time capturing this perfect pale lavender cream. It's a light purple but darker than China Glaze's Light as Air. The formula was perfect as well.

These pictures make it look a little pinker than it is.
Pixy Six! I love the name! I never thought I would like a bright pink-coral like this on my hands, but I really do! It's very cheery and makes me want to vacation some place tropical! The formula is a little thinner than Lemonade and Lollipop but just as nice to work with.
I can't wait to try this on my toes!
One thing I have always liked about Orly is how substantial the bottles feel. I also love the rubber grippy cap! The brushes on these were nice and fluffy not as long and skinny as the brushes on my Country Club Khaki and Cashmere Cardigan. These samples were sent to me, and I haven't seen them in Sally's yet (my Sally's seems to be slow getting any new stuff in!). They are due to be released in April, but hopefully come places will have them for sale a little sooner! The formula on these is so fantastic I really want to try Gumdrop and Snowcone as well.


  1. Great swatches; they are lovely colors!

  2. these colours are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I have received myself the same polishes from Orly. I think they are adorable!