Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spotlight on: DURI

Edited to add: has been kind enough to offer 10% off if you use code: KATE10FF

Definitely a good way to check out Duri!!

I was so impressed with my one and only Duri polish, Midnight Blues, that I had to buy more! Duri seems to have a really impressive line of colors. From classic reds to pale blues and yellows. I chose these three as I though it was a good variety of finishes and colors.

I purchased these from Their prices were great, shipping reasonable and I had them in my mailbox two days after placing my order. Very impressed! I believe there is usually a clickable google ad link for CosmeticLK somewhere on this bog if you are interested.

This is rendez-vou, which is quite possibly my favorite taupe-nude cream ever.

You'll have to forgive me, I took like a millllllion pictures of it!

It was very shiny and wore very nicely.

This is three coats, notice I was a little thin on my ring finger...oops!

Next up: Backstage Pass
Really pretty pinky-lavendar color with just a hint of shimmer.

Again, tons of pictures because I really loved it!

Excuse the cuticles, winter is doing a number on my hands.

I didn't get to photograph Iced Plum yet, but it is also quite pretty.


  1. Rendez-vou is truly gorgeous. I just love soft beige colors on my nails. And their the hit this season :)) By the way, you have very nice blog :))

  2. I really, really like Backstage Pass!!

  3. I just discovered Duri and I love it! I will have to check out that web site with the discount code! Thanks! Backstage Pass is a really pretty color!