Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve Mani

I ordered this awhile ago from (an awesome place to order Jessica and Duri polishes from, FYI) and saved it because I thought it would be the perfect NYE polish!
It's not really blue, it's definitely more blurple, but the correct color was hard to catch on camera.

It's got silver and pink glitter in it! But it's not that chunky glitter. It's so pretty!

This is my first and only far.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Awesome BB Couture Package and Service!

On Tuesday the 22nd I couldn't sleep, so I was up at 5:00 a.m. surfing around. I discovered that the BB Couture site was having a secret sale and thought I would finally get Dark Knight and I wanted to order Dragon's Breath for my niece. Turns out the sale was B1G1 of the same, so some for me, some for giving. Except, it was the Tuesday before Christmas, NO WAY was I going to get that package until after Christmas, right?
Nope. Only a few hours after ordering I got an e-mail from customer service letting me know, my package had been shipped out and should be here by Thursday! By Thursday afternoon I had these little beauties in my hands and didn't have to give out any IOU's for Christmas! I had ordered from the "other" site that sells BB Couture before and the experience wasn't all that good. It almost permanently turned me off from the brand. It was really nice since they were in the middle of a big sale. Unlike another brand who shall remain nameless I ordered from in the midst of a big sale who sent out a snippy CS message when I asked where my order was. Anyway, onto the swatches, shall we...

Dragon's Breath is so pretty, I am glad I had an extra bottle to keep for me!

It's a pinkish/magenta/purple with all this awesome glitter in it. It has a jelly-like finish that isn't gritty or lumpy at all. This is 3 coats.


Oh, and I bought a matte top coat the other day, so here are two nails with that. Didn't love this. Dragon's Breath deserves to shine!

Blind Love is gorgeous gold goodness!

The finish is smooth and satiny rather than foil like.

I also had my eye on some of the BB Couture for Men colors because they look really awesome.

Grenade is a gorgeous olive green with golden shimmer.

This is way too pretty for boys!

My husband gave me permission to give him a pedicure with this one. Shhh...I'm not supposed to tell anyone though!

I really liked this one, can you tell from all the pictures I took?

Grenade against my husband's camo tarp.

Let's move on to "Wire Stripper" the other "men's" polish I got. This is also AWESOME.
Super close-up of "Wire Stripper"

Look at the golden shimmer in this one, much too pretty for boy nails!

It's nice for guys who are into such things to have more options than just black nail polish though. And, it says "for men" right on the bottle!

As I was swatching these, I started to think that Wire Stripper looked an awful lot like Dark Knight and it also reminded me of Barielle's Misbehaving Mistress, so I put them all together to compare... And on the fingers:

You can kind of tell that WS is more brown/coppery than DK which is more glad with golden shimmer. MM doesn't have the same golden glow or shimmer that WS has, it's more silvery.

Here they are side by side again:

Dark Knight is the reason I decided to give BB Couture another try after my initial disappointment with the other site's customer service. You can see why, isn't it prettttty?

Very worth it. It glided on like butter and took two coats to be opaque.

Dark Knight - outside sun


Phew! That was a lot of swatching! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

More Christmas Swatches!

The stuff with holo glitter in it is really hard to capture on film!

I added some nfu-oh flakies to this, but it was hard to tell.

Rescue Beauty Lounge - "Black Russian"

Very pretty and glowy. I little more black than I thought. The red shimmery glitter didn't "pop" on the nail as much as it does in the bottle. I still loved it though!

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle with Nfu-Oh #40 flakies on top.


Look how blue the flakies shimmer!

Then I tried one of my kaliedascopes that I hadn't worn yet.

China Glaze's "He's going in circles"