Monday, December 21, 2009

Sapphire in the Snow

I LOVED this color. But for some reason it applied really sloppily. Sorry about that. Probably user error, I don't hold it against the polish!

SitS doesn't really look like sapphire to me, but it's a pretty deep, blurply cream color. Really pretty!

Then, of course, I had to add a little Merry Midnight over it. Isn't that pretty!

I think here I was trying to show that at certain angles there is glitter in there that flashes green.

Merry Midnight is just amazing. It layers really nicely over anything! Whoops! This was supposed to be a post about Sapphire in the Snow, wasn't it!?


  1. I just got SitS, I'll have to pull it to the front of my untrieds! I love a blurple creme!

  2. Pretty! Love Merry Midnight layered over it.

  3. Very pretty. I like the layering effect. Gorgeous.