Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just Awesome

I loved this mani so much, I have no other words for it other than "Awesome!"
I'm going to have to do it again really soon!

The stars of the show:
a polish I picked up at Fashion bug simply called "red multi" and Milani "gems" which I actually managed to find at the 2nd CVS I went to in search of it!

That sparkly goodness at the tips, is all Gems.
After initially thinking it was hideous, I kind of wanted Happy Birthday from Lippman. One of things I didn't like about it (besides the $18 price tag) was how sparse all the cool glitter was.
Gems, looks very similar to Happy Birthday, but it's very dense glitter. It applies so well.

Bling! Bling!

"Red Multi" was also a very dense glitter. I didn't expect it to be so thick and glittery, but this "gradient" I was attempting only has 1 or 2 swipes of "red multi". I had not been in fashion bug in years, but for some reason stopped in one day. I found nail polish at the register and was almost ready to dismiss it when a little twinkle caught my eye. I picked up the last bottle of this, then set it down, then picked it up as a manicure using this and Gems started to formulate in my brain. These sell for $3.99 at Fashion Bug.

My husband chose the blue base. I couldn't decide between red, gold or blue as the bottom color. I really liked how these looked together!

And, a close-up. Winter is coming so my daylight hours have been pretty crappy and overcast for photographing.