Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halley's Comet

In 1986, I actually got to observe Halley's Comet when it flew by. I remember my mother telling me that the next time it would be visible from Earth, she would be long dead and I'd be in my 80's. I really had the feeling of seeing something incredible and awe-inspiring, I mean, what 10 year old really contemplates living into her 80's?
So, the Orly Cosmic FX collection, looked amazing from the promo pictures. The prices online went from reasonable to outrageous rather fast, so I had to take my hunt to the ground. That meant stalking Sally's for weeks. I finally located the collection, and purchased the ones that caught my eye. Halley's Comet is like nothing I have in my collection, AND I love the name for the pleasant memories it evoked. The other two I picked up, are my little secret for now. ;)

This is such a gorgeous flashy, sparkly-but-not-obviously-glitter teal blue-green. I got a bunch of compliments on it.