Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sally's Exclusive - I found it!! Fortune Teller...

I took a trip down to Orange County/Middletown. While I was there, had my GPS search for Sally's, the first one I found had a full display of Fortune Teller! Yay! I couldn't find it any where near me.
I like it. It's certainly different from anything else I own. It looks very "halloween". Black with firey orange flaky/glitter. My only issue is that it dried very rough. I used Seche Vite over it, which usually seems to smooth things out, but it's still very bumpy and rough. It's wearing really well, so far....wondering how hard taking it off will be!


  1. How nice that you found it. I have to check and see if they have it online yet. It was sold out. Looks lovely on you. I love all these colors together. It's definitely saying Halloween.