Friday, January 11, 2013

Something New and Awesome!

Nail Pearls!

Yes, I know Ciate had these first and they were called caviar. They also cost $25 a bottle. These were $7.99 and I chanced upon them at my favorite Rite Aid! There was a pink mix, a "party color" type mix and this one called "aqua".

I wasn't sure how I would like it, so I started out with the accent nail on each hand. (I used China Glaze For Audrey on the rest because it seemed to compliment the other colors nicely).

It's a neat set. It comes in a little plastic package with a tray and a tiny funnel so you can put all the little pearls back in the bottle when you're done! 

First you coat the nail with a layer or two of polish. Then pour the beads over the nail, fully coating. Hold your hand over the tray so the pearls don't scatter everywhere! It's actually pretty easy and if you're careful, not that messy.

 Turned out I liked it so much, I went for the full manicure! There are plenty of pearls left over in the bottle after using it on 12 nails. Not a bad deal for $8.00!

They definitely feel rough. I also noticed today with the accent nail, I could feel the rough edges "catch" on stuff. Similar to the feeling I get when i have a split nail. With the accent nails I used top coat on one and not the other. The one I didn't use top coat on seemed to have the pearls fall of faster and lose color. I got a day's wear out of the accent nails. Not sure what this full manicure will get.

Instructions on the back of the box.